Storms Above the Desert

Appendix I

The Principal Researchers Today


Marx Brook retired in early 1986 from the directorship of the Research and Development Division and from his professorship in physics at New Mexico Tech.

Jack Cobb retired as caretaker at Langmuir Laboratory in 1984, but still feeds the squirrels there and teaches physics majors how to check rain gauges and drive bulldozers.

Stirling Colgate is still in New Mexico as a Senior Fellow in the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He remains involved with research at Langmuir through an adjunct professorship and through running the Digitized Astronomy Telescope on South Baldy.

Charles Holmes continues as a professor of physics at New Mexico Tech and as a researcher at Langmuir Lab. He says he is "taking it one year at a time."

Robert Holzer is a professor emeritus at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics of the University of California at Los Angeles.

Lamar Kempton directs the Terminal Effects Research and Analysis (TERA) project, an explosives and ordnance research organization, at New Mexico Tech.

Paul Krehbiel is a senior engineer and research associate in New Mexico Tech's Research and Development Division.

Irving Langmuir worked as a research scientist and as a consultant at General Electric from 1909 until his death in 1957. The winner of the 1932 Nobel Prize in chemistry recently had a scientific journal, Langmuir, named in his honor.

Charles Moore retired from his physics professorship at New Mexico Tech and gave up the chairmanship of Langmuir Lab in late 1985. He continues as a principal investigator of atmospheric physics at the lab.

Steve Reynolds serves as the New Mexico State Engineer, a position he has held for more than thirty years.

Vincent Schaefer is director emeritus of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York in Albany. He recently co-authored the popular book, A Field Guide to the Atmosphere.

Kenny Sorensen retired from TERA in 1983 and lives in Socorro.

Bernard Vonnegut, although officially retired, still conducts research in cloud physics and thunderstorm electricity at the State University of New York in Albany. He expects to continue working at Langmuir Laboratory during the summers.

Marvin Wilkening retired as a professor of physics and dean of graduate studies at New Mexico Tech in 1984. He continues pursuing research in environmental radiation.

William Winn is the newly appointed chairman of Langmuir Laboratory as well as a professor of physics at New Mexico Tech.

E. J. Workman, after retiring from New Mexico Tech in 1964, went to Hawaii to help establish the Cloud Physics Observatory at the University of Hawaii-Hilo. He retired again in 1970 to Santa Barbara, California, where he died an octogenarian in 1982.

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